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Christmas Forgiveness (2P FrUk)
Do you know how fucking hard it is to get blue sapphire earrings at night on Christmas Eve? No you don't. In every jewelry store either they don't have it or want thousands of fucking dollars for it. So do you know what I had to do? Go to the fucking black market and make a deal with that fucking Italian bastard Luciano. Mind you it was on the other side of fucking town. So I get home and you know what I find? Oliver waiting for me, accusing me of drinking all night, and sending me to the couch. I mean I get what he's saying but still.
Oliver's P.O.V.
Louis isn't back yet and I don't know where's he at. I don't want to jump to conclusions but I think he's out drinking at the bar again. Honestly I'm a little sad because he could of spend tonight we me if you know what I mean. So when he came home at close to midnight I chose anger over explanation and sent him to the couch. I kind regret it because I didn't listen to him.
Christmas Day~
Louis' P.O.V.
I went upstairs,
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 17 16
Nightmares (2P!FrUk)
Christophe's P.O.V.
One night, some time ago, I witnessed Oliver having one of his nightmares for the first time. Though we had been together for many years, I had never seen him in such a state as he was in. We had just decided to move in with each other, Oliver insisting upon me moving in with him. Begrudgingly, I agreed, and a week later I stood upon his doorstep, bags in hand.
I sigh, looking up at the house. It's all... Pink. I thought to myself. I hoped at least one room in the house wasn't pastel-colored, or I won't get a wink of sleep. Returning my attention to the door in front of me, Oliver had opened it.
"CHRISSY~!" He squeals, hugging me tightly. I let out a noise of confusion, but he pays it no mind. "Come in, Come in! I just finished cleaning up for your arrival!" He says, releasing me and allowing me to enter the house. When he says he was cleaning, he wasn't kidding. The whole inside looked like it was sparkling or something.
"... Wow. When you said you cleaned,
:iconjustanotheraotfan:JustAnotherAoTFan 7 5
2p FrUK fanfiction Part One
I kneel down in the dew wet grass in front of his marble gravestone
"I'll never leave you alone."
His name buzzes through my head.
"I'll promise you this forever."
The roses I place down make it seem beautiful.
"My eternal love for you will never die, nor will I let you go."
Death is not a beautiful thing.
"And I don't care how many times you say it. I still love you."
Persistence can kill.
"Our countries are always intertwined, you know."
Faith is never a blessing.
"I bet we'll say like this forever."
Hope is a sin.
"I'm so sorry, Oliver." I whisper, wiping water clear off the pink and white marble, reading the text.
                      OLIVER KIRKLAND BONNEFOY
                      DEC 23, 1206-DEC 25, 1674
                     AGED TWENTY-FOUR HUMAN YEARS
Tears stream down my face as I trace the letter of his name over
:iconxiggykirklandx:xIggyKirklandx 22 10
Smoking Hearts: 2p!FrUK
Under the dark moonlight, Oliver stared out to the cold, still river. He sighed as he watched the cigarette in his hands burn. The little light illuminated enough for him to count the sparse freckles on his hands. Coughing from the smoke, he moved the cigarette from his face before dropping his arms to his side. He wanted to drop the cigarette, stomp on it, and walk away from the bridge, but his heart cried out for his ex who smoked. His ex’s last cigarette that slowly burning in his hands was also the last memento he had of that man.
“How much longer will I lose my head over him?” Oliver murmured. He sighed for the trillionth time that day, and his eyes skimmed the water, tracing little hearts in the little water ripples. “Maybe I should smoke it? No, that won’t do me any good.” Oliver pursed his lips together. “Am I really going to stand here with a burning cigarette?”
Oliver snapped out of his daydream and glance
:icon16clevertaunts:16CleverTaunts 25 7
2p!FrUK: A Gentleman
    Oliver was always a polite man. A gentleman actually. When he got up in the morning, he made sure to brush his teeth well. He didn’t do it so that his teeth were clean. That was just a delightful by-product of his actual intention. He wanted to make sure no unsuspecting soul would have to smell any residue from the night before. He was always thinking about others so double the brushing he did. It was only after he’d just brushed his teeth that Oliver would kiss François on the forehead. He always slept in, that François.
    Where Oliver was a gentleman, François was a sad man. François was also a business man without business. Ever since he lost his ex-wife, he’d spun down slowly into his abysmal depression. At first, Oliver thought they were alright. He thought that this loss would be exactly what they needed. It only brought them closer. It made them a family. They could be together, Fran
:iconlupoartistico:Lupoartistico 47 362
Priorities - 2p! PrUk~
It was late at night, the midnight sky was lit by the full moon. The moon cast a pale glow over the open field. A single tree aged by time, sat in the middle of it all. A single man works swiftly around and under the tree.He hums to himself a dark tune,
"Nigrae legiones, ferus imperator, sinus occultus, fatum terminatum...das omen...." He works with the rope tying it into a noose. He grins with satisfaction as he secures it to one of the low hanging branches. He picks up a metal folding chair and props it underneath the hanging noose. He steps up onto the chair, it creaks under his weight. A soft breeze blows his silver hair into his face. He brushes it off to the side, revealing piercing sapphire eyes. He slips the noose around his neck and recites,
"Abschied schöne welt. Ich gehöre zu dir." Swiftly in one motion he knocks the chair off to one side. He drops down towards the ground, but the rope snaps as soon as tension hit the rope. He hits the ground hard and lays face dow
:iconmanganekogirl:MangaNekoGirl 10 3
Cigarettes and Lead Pipes- 2p!RoChu [Secret Santa]
Cao hadn't seen Nicholas for years. The last time must have been back just after they'd changed their names, to distinguish themselves from their counterparts. Wandering around with the names of dead men would have felt too strange, even for them. That wasn't the real reason they'd done it though; the real thoughts were that by changing their names, they could distance themselves as far as possible from those replicas of themselves. Yes, it had been a long time, but neither of them had eased up, broken down, let go of what had made them so successful back then.
Sure, things had changed. Of course they had. The circles under Nicholas' eyes were thicker now, less like a faint shadow and more like a thick layer of coal dust. Cao didn't know how long he'd gone without sleep and, quite frankly, he didn't want to. Besides, he had always maintained it was better to take care of yourself; nobody else was going to. At least his siblings' abandonment had taught him that one thing. And he was pre
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 10 4
Yandere Simulator- Female Japan Skin by ImaginaryAlchemist Yandere Simulator- Female Japan Skin :iconimaginaryalchemist:ImaginaryAlchemist 35 7 Yandere Simulator- Female Germany Skin by ImaginaryAlchemist Yandere Simulator- Female Germany Skin :iconimaginaryalchemist:ImaginaryAlchemist 59 13 2p Itapan by Askthe2paxispowers 2p Itapan :iconaskthe2paxispowers:Askthe2paxispowers 13 3 Over the City of Ikebukuro - Celty Sturluson DRRR by Redhime Over the City of Ikebukuro - Celty Sturluson DRRR :iconredhime:Redhime 10 1 big ass scythe by Vether big ass scythe :iconvether:Vether 9 0 Celty Sturluson (DRRR!) by Sylphrit Celty Sturluson (DRRR!) :iconsylphrit:Sylphrit 17 0 Celty Sturluson - Figma #SP-081 Shot 1 by raveka Celty Sturluson - Figma #SP-081 Shot 1 :iconraveka:raveka 2 0 Celty Sturluson by Kechuppika Celty Sturluson :iconkechuppika:Kechuppika 2 0 Celty Sturluson - Cosfest 2017 by raveka Celty Sturluson - Cosfest 2017 :iconraveka:raveka 9 0




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I Hate My Real Name.
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